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“The power is in the one who cares less” May 18, 2009

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It’s been a long time since I took pen to paper to write something very personal. I used to write all the time –  some 10+ years ago. I don’t know why I stopped, but I always felt good after I finished a piece. A piece of poetry, musings, photography, a thought, a sketch. It was cathartic and very personal for me. 

I’ve been inspired to start up again by my friend Mike (read his blogs at He’s an excellent writer. He writes thought provoking pieces that elicit feelings from many of his readers/followers. It got me thinking about my past journal and poetry writing. Most of what I’ve written has been saved for my son Stephen. Pieces I wrote when he was born. A toddler. A little guy. Mostly I wrote about my pain having gone through a divorce when he was young so my tears were the words I thought in my head, felt in my heart and poured onto paper. 

Those journals include sketches – drawings about things Stephen was doing or playing with at the time I sat and wrote these poems. I think one day when he reads the journals he’ll laugh at my sketches, but then maybe not. He’s a young adult now and married. He never ceases to amaze me in the things he says to me that always make me take a step back and look inward. 

So here’s my first installment and hope there will be more to come as the creative juices start to flow… 

I recently hear the phrase “the power is in the one who cares less”. I wondered who these people might be and thought…

How absurd

Painfully true

Masked pain


Lost love



I give no power to one who cares less

For I am an optimist



Much loved

Cared for


The power lies within me and I care


2 Responses to ““The power is in the one who cares less””

  1. Bob Says:


  2. Nelda Says:

    Thanks Bob.

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